Site habitat protection


Pine Valley Environment 
Pine Valley will be a 5 Star Green Star community, designed around and protecting the dramatic landscape of valleys and ridges, and dominant bushland corridors.

The living ecosystem of creeks, bushland corridors and wildlife will be the fauna habitat and adventure playground, and space for reflection for the local community.

The Environmental Management and Conservation Zone will be characterised by:

  • Maximising separation of Koalas and recreation facilities
  • Protecting koalas by removing vehicle-wildlife hazard
  • Minimising the impact of humans in the landscape
  • Reducing the conflict and hazard between domestic animals and wildlife
  • Dedicating specific outdoor education spaces for environmental education
  • Ensuring that areas proposed for the conservation of vegetation and wildlife can be maintained and develop ecological resilience to prosper in perpetuity with limited intervention.

Our plans incorporate extensive complementary native planting, invasive species controls, and innovative waterway restoration. 

The master plan includes extensive new native planting, and staged land management plans (supervised by habitat and wildlife experts) to enhance Pine Valley’s living ecosystem of creeks, bushland corridors, open spaces, natural parklands, and wildlife. 

A central bushland park at Pine Valley’s heart is a community place that surrounds, buffers and protects existing habitat. Members of the Community Environmental Reference Group (CERG – established by Lendlease in 2018) are acknowledged for their hardworking voluntary commitment to our engagement and the design initiative that created the central park concept as it is today. 

Regional habitat protection
Our innovative environmental management strategy includes our recent acquisition of 187 hectares of land in Moorina, c.4km west of Pine Valley.  We acquired this land for rehabilitation as quality habitat. This is to offset the impacts at Pine Valley that cannot be avoided, mitigated, or managed. The location on the same waterway and proximity to Pine Valley also supports the environmental work planned onsite. 

The Lendlease decision to acquire the Moorina site was led by community expectations for environmental best practice and our desire to innovate in Moreton Bay. The Moorina land is strategically important for koala. It will be rehabilitated under a Bushland and Land Management Plan, with extensive native planting introduced to strengthen local vegetation communities and corridors. 

Pine Valley offset parcel