The Development Application 


Our development application proposes changes to the Moreton Bay planning scheme to formally change land uses to enable a staged delivery of a master planned community. This master plan will provide approximately 2,500 homes of different types on lots of various sizes, over 10-to-15-years.  

The development application defines the site in three precincts:

1. Residential 163ha – residential dwellings, ‘green streets’ road infrastructure (extensive street tree planting and connected streets for active transport), services (electricity, sewer, water, communications), and neighbourhood hub. 

2. Recreation and Open Space (ROS) 32ha – parks, pathways, recreation and playground equipment, community spaces, stormwater infrastructure, habitat restoration (including extensive native planting and invasive species removal and control), and fauna furniture. This zone functions as the primary buffer between the Residential precinct and the Environmental Management and Conservation Precinct. The ROS will be designed around naturally occurring features. 

3. Environmental Management and Conservation (EMC) 50ha – protected core habitat in the Burpengary Creek corridor and in the linear habitat. This habitat functions as an element of local koala home ranges and facilitates wildlife movement. The habitat will be undisturbed, but management actions for invasive species control, along with advanced revegetation, rehabilitation and restoration program will seek to achieve a fully layered forest environment by implementing a methodology of staged land management that commences at Operational Works approval (following development approval). Protected by the physical buffer of the ROS and eventual transfer to public ownership. 

Recent Site History

Aerial photography indicates the land was cleared and used for agriculture through the 1950s, with broad scale clearing and the establishment of pine plantations by the 1970s. 

Usage as a pine plantation continued until approximately 2002. After which, significant clearing occurred alongside the subdivision of the area into larger rural allotments.

Despite widespread clearing and a long history of pine tree harvesting, important natural regrowth and habitat corridors have endured. These are home to wildlife including koalas. These corridors will be protected in perpetuity, creating an expansive natural environment that frames the residential precinct. 


The site is currently owned freehold by the 16 local residents and landowners who, together with other neighbours, formed the Pine Valley Landowners Association (PVLA). Following formal submissions from PVLA to the State Government over many years, the Pine Valley area was included in the 2017 SEQ Regional Plan Urban Footprint. The PVLA then selected Lendlease to partner with the association and our application for a Variation to the Planning Scheme was lodged with Moreton Bay Regional Council in October 2018. We also self-referred the project to the Commonwealth as an Environment Protection Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act Controlled Action in 2018.

Since this time, we have been working through Moreton Bay Regional Council’s Request for Further Information and the providing to the Federal Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, the required information to assess our proposed action on the site and our responses to the impacts of these actions. 


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