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What’s in a name? The story behind ‘Kinma Valley’

Discover the story behind ‘Kinma Valley’, including its Indigenous origins and how our logo reflects the life you’ve worked so hard for.

Inspired by the idea of ‘Kinma,’ the Indigenous word which translates to ‘awake,’ our logo reflects how the Kinma Valley community aims to bring new opportunities, to inspire, nurture and thrive, restore your spirit and harness happiness, connect with joy and have a laugh every day.

 The imagery we have used signifies all that Kinma Valley has to offer, from the inclusive community lifestyle to creating memories in the natural surrounds. 

 The top symbol represents a sunrise – and also a smile – sitting above the green valley and treetops below.

 Kinma Valley will be home to all the “in-between” moments that create the rich and rewarding life our residents deserve. It will be their happy place.

From seeds that grow into leafy canopies, to neighbours who become lifelong friends, Kinma Valley brings full-circle happiness to a neighbourhood where you get back what you put in and so much more.

 Adding to our 15 diverse communities around Australia, Kinma Valley envisages a community where people can rely upon each other, and where you can discover the magic that happens when we come together. 

 It’s more than just knowing your neighbours and stopping for a chat in the street. It’s a profound sense of home and place, of feeling connected by finding happiness in the simplest things under the bright red sun and amid an abundance of greenery.

 The Traditional Custodians of our community understood this deep connection to land incredibly well, and we hope that current and future generations will also come to share this bond.