The people behind the Kinma Valley community: Meet Daniel

Meet our very own Development Manager, Daniel, and discover how his upbringing in a Lendlease community led to him finding his feet at Kinma Valley.

It takes many years of planning, and many people, to create a community. As a developer, Lendlease has more than 60 years’ experience creating spaces for people to call home, and it’s this philosophy that appealed to Kinma Valley’s very own Development Manager, Daniel Day. 

Growing up in a Lendlease community himself, from a young age, Daniel loved the concept of ‘neighbourhood living’.  

“When I was a teenager, I lived at Forest Lake and it showed me what a neighbourhood should be,” Daniel said.  

“We lived on a cul-de-sac. My parents were friends with the neighbours and we’d have barbeques and they’d chat over the fence. I’d cycle to friend’s places to swim in the pool, play video games and hang out.” 

As Daniel grew up he started his career as an English teacher before deciding to return to university to pursue his interest in the built environment. 

“After deciding that I didn’t want to continue teaching, I returned to university to study urban development,” Daniel said. 

“I loved it and went on exchange to Stockholm at one point and did some work experience with a local council before accepting a graduate position at Lendlease. I’ve been working on the Kinma Valley project ever since!” 

Since Daniel started in his graduate role with Lendlease in 2018, he has been assisting the Kinma Valley project team with navigating the planning system through to the approval of the masterplan in 2022, which accelerated his career as he progressed from Assistant Development Manager to his current role as Development Manager. 

Now Daniel is responsible for ensuring the vision for Kinma Valley meets Lendlease’s obligations and promises.  

Looking forward to his future, and that of Kinma Valley, Daniel says he’s excited to see the community take shape. 

“I’m excited to see the designs come to life and out of the ground; with the neighbourhood hub, first stages and first park being delivered in the coming year or so,” Daniel said. 

But, above all else, what Daniel loves so much about the vision for Kinma Valley is the everyday experience of interacting with neighbours, like those he cherishes so much from his childhood. 

“Whilst there’s the obvious exciting elements, like the central park, the neighbourhood hub, the display village – I’m actually most excited about the first streets,” Daniel said. 

“This is what people will experience every day and we are delivering on some points of difference with the streetscape and I’m keen to see how our first residents interact on the street and how these streets and the associated community matures.” 

At the end of the day, Daniel is committed to creating a community that he, and the wider community, can be proud of. A place he’d be happy to call home.  

It’s passionate people, like Daniel, that make the Kinma Valley community such a special place, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store. 

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