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Protecting and enhancing Kinma Valleys living landscape

Protecting and enhancing Kinma Valley’s living landscape

Kinma Valley is being created to form a seamless blend of the built and natural environments, focussing on protecting and enhancing the local fauna and flora.

Rehabilitation works have commenced on site including the installation of nesting boxes and fencing off key environmental areas.

These boxes will provide a safe refuge from predators and weather for a variety of native Australian wildlife living in the conservation area, including squirrel gliders, brush-tailed phascogale (small marsupial), common brushtail possum, eastern bent-wing bat, brown antechinus (native marsupial) and reptiles.

28 South Environmental Director Mitch Taylor is working in partnership with Lendlease to ensure the creation of the residential community has minimal impact on the surrounding natural environment.

“The installation of the nest boxes is important in our work to support and enhance the local wildlife in the Environmental Management and Conservation Precinct. These boxes replicate natural shelters such as tree hollows and provide a safe, important shelter for wildlife,” said Mr Taylor.

“The Kinma Valley approach to land management is designed to minimise impacts on resident fauna within the site to ensure the community co-exists with the environment.

“Advanced ecological restoration works will commence prior to any development, to achieve a fully-layered forest habitat that fits Kinma Valley’s landscape ecological function both internally and externally.

“Kinma Valley will be a living landscape of sprawling parklands, wild bushland and mature trees so that residents feel connected to their natural surroundings.”

28 South Environmental will be monitoring the boxes over the coming years, measuring the success of the project by providing data on the species that are utilising the boxes for nesting, breeding and shelter.

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