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Meet the Creators: Lendlease team

Meet the Creators: Lendlease team

From urban villages in exclusive waterfront locations to large, masterplanned neighbourhoods with thriving community hubs, Lendlease is adding to its more than 50 masterplanned communities across the globe with the creation of Kinma Valley.


Led by Lendlease’s Senior Development Manager, Tanya Martin and her experienced team, the development of the Kinma Valley masterplan integrates the rich cultural heritage of the site with the thriving lifestyle of the growing Moreton Bay region to create a community that aligns with Lendlease’s commitment to sustainability.


From day one, Tanya has worked tirelessly to bring together the best minds, from environmental consultancy to architectural design, while also engaging the local community at a level not usually seen at the earliest stages of urban developments.


"The scale of this project is unique for us. It's a 2,500-lot division; we typically work with 10,000 to 15,000. We can do really cool things from a sustainable, innovative and community-minded perspective. It’s been really important to us that we engage the community from the beginning.” Tanya said.


Tanya and her team have set a new standard for the developmental process of communities, establishing a community environmental reference group, and holding workshops with key community members who collaborated with Lendlease on the Kinma Valley masterplan design.


"I'm proud of how committed we are to integrating Lendlease's sustainable values with the community stakeholders vision and scientific experts advice. Our approach to the masterplan is to understand our environmental constraints first, so we can work around them, rather than expecting the environment to work around us."


Working closely with Tanya, Lendlease Assistant Development Manager Daniel Day is another member of the Kinma Valley team who has also been heavily involved in creating the community from day one.


The Kinma Valley community will be more than just a nature-rich place to live. A unique neighbourhood defined by the joy of life’s simple pleasures, Kinma Valley is committed to the environment, encompassing sustainable initiatives, ecological conservation and the protection of our precious animal inhabitants.


Targeting a 6 Star Green Star rating with more than thirty percent dedicated to open space, Kinma Valley will be a thriving community with activities from pop up events and garden feasts to environmental education opportunities for children to get in amongst nature.


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