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Illustrating Kinma Valley

Illustrating Kinma Valley

Developing a community involves collaboration. Meet one of our creators, illustration artist Lilian Darmono who is working behind the scenes to bring Kinma Valley to life.

The Melbourne-based artist has been working with the Lendlease team to paint a vibrant vision for the future of the community through exploring the relationship between people and their surroundings.

For Kinma Valley, Lilian has illustrated a world of community and connection, natural beauty and simple moments that convey everyday life – with a few delightful twists.

“I was briefed to give the illustrations a sense of fun, friendliness and community to define the Kinma Valley lifestyle. There are open green spaces and farmers markets, kids playing in parks or working on little lemonade stands, lots of natural and botanical elements, suggesting a life surrounded by nature,” she says.  


“I'm known for my character designs and the scenes really capture daily life. It’s a neighbourhood with a strong focus on nature and community, that places importance on the contribution of children too, encouraging them to get out and interact with their peers. It’s a place where people feel they belong. My illustrations of the houses, based on early designs, show dwellings that are quite open. There are no high fences isolating you from the neighbours, and there is an emphasis on social connection and nature.” 
Lillian’s process starts with black and white sketches which she creates on her tablet. Once that’s approved, she proceeds to add colour.



“I love it when it all comes together, people respond to my work in a positive way and I can put a smile on their faces,” she says.


“For Kinma Valley, it was about more than just expressing my urge to draw something. It was a project with meaning and purpose, using my illustrations to bring this community to life.”