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Exploring plans for Kinma Valley’s Neighbourhood Hub

Plans are well underway for Kinma Valley’s Neighbourhood Hub! Lendlease Senior Development Manager Tanya Martin shares the vision behind this vibrant community centre.


Great communities are all about creating a sense of belonging and opportunities to connect with neighbours and friends. Set to become the beating heart of the Kinma Valley community, our plans for the Neighbourhood Hub will see this special space become a connected and vibrant destination to catch up with neighbours, stop for a coffee, pick up some essentials and peruse specialty stores.

Lendlease Senior Development Manager, Tanya Martin, shared her insights behind the plans for this very special piece of the Kinma Valley masterplan.

“Future residents of Kinma Valley can look forward to having the perfect space to connect in the community,” Tanya said.

Turning a home into a community

Stage 1 of the  Neighbourhood Hub will be repurposed from an existing house that currently stands on the site of Kinma Valley, initially used as the Sales and Information Centre, before ultimately being transformed into a modern community hub.

“The aim is to carefully renovate the old house to retain its history and charm in a multi-million-dollar upgrade which will see it transform into a space that meets the needs of our community.”

Repurposing the existing house not only preserves an element of the land’s history, it also aligns with Kinma Valley’s sustainability ethos, Tanya said. “We have a focus on recycling during the construction of Kinma Valley…it was really about reusing the resources that were already on site.”

Architects Vokes and Peters are currently creating full design plans for stage 1 of the Neighbourhood Hub. “We’re currently in the process of establishing the lot....and are aiming to go to tender for a builder at the beginning of next year. From there we expect it will be about an 18 month build timeframe.”

Situated at Kinma Valley’s highest point, the building will boast views of the iconic Glasshouse Mountains and will overlook green, open spaces perfect for kids to play. The hub will ultimately potentially feature a grocery store, childcare centre, coffee shop and some local specialty retailers.

“People will be able to go and grab some coffee and some food, use the open space to hang out, play and have picnics. It will also provide locals with the convenience and amenity they need to live well,” Tanya said. “It will feature flexible workspaces, meeting rooms and office spaces for professionals and small businesses in the area to utilise.”

Convenience, community and connection at Kinma Valley

The Neighbourhood Hub is just one of the many ways Kinma Valley will inspire social connection as well as a sense of wellbeing, healthy living and connection to nature and community for resident to enjoy.

Set to become one of the most sought-after dresses in the Moreton Bay area, Kinma Valley will be home to over 6,500 residents, united by their love for the land and its location. Ideally situated near shops, schools and transport, this nature-rich neighbourhood embodies convenience, connection and community.