Creating Cultural Connections with Kinma Valley’s Community Grants

With the support of a Kinma Valley Community Grant, Reclink Australia is empowering local trainees, cultivating connections and sharing cultural awareness

Image credit: Reclink  

Reclink Australia, a national agency dedicated to empowering disadvantaged individuals, has been awarded funding via the Kinma Valley Community Grants Program.

To support the trainees of their conservation program, as part of the Queensland Government Skilling Queenslanders for Work initiative, Reclink created a bush tucker garden and hosted a cultural awareness workshop with Traditional Custodians.

Cultivating cultural awareness and knowledge sharing

Through a series of engaging workshops, trainees are delving into the world of conservation practices and gaining a deeper understanding of revegetation techniques and the importance of preserving different species of plants, with the program’s aim to foster appreciation for First Nations practices, promoting cultural exchange and mutual respect.

Reclink Australia partnered with the Kabi Kabi Aboriginal Corporation, allowing the trainees to learn directly from First Nations community members, who shared their wisdom, traditions, and connection with the land with trainees.

Reclink representative Anne said the trainees learned about a wide variety of topics. “The workshops dove into the First Nations history of Australia and the relationships the Traditional Custodians have with the natural environment, as well as the territories and languages,” Anne said.

“We learned about environmentally sustainable practices and the mutualistic relationships with plants, animals and the ecosystems around well as local resourcest. Trainees were shown common food, material and medicinal plants , will exploringthe Lagoon Creekenvironmental reserve.”

Digging deep to cultivate inclusivity in the Moreton Bay region

The newfound knowledge and appreciation gained by the trainees wasn’t confined to the workshop sessions alone! They put their grant funds and skills into practice by designing and building a small bush tucker garden at the Reclink community site in Caboolture.

The bush tucker garden is a vibrant and inclusive space, open to the public and co-located with other community groups such as PCYC, Better Together Inc, and Lions Club. This intentional collaboration allows for shared benefits, as all these groups can utilise and appreciate the garden project.

A community that gives back

The Kinma Valley Community Grants Program aims to support a thriving and connected community, helping schools, community groups and local not for profits to contribute to their area and make a positive social impact.