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Calling all creative minds, help us design Kinma Valley’s first adventure park!

Calling all creative minds, help us design Kinma Valley’s first adventure park!

Kinma Valley’s very first park is filled with exciting possibilities. Approved as an adventure play space, what would your family like to see created?

This is your opportunity to let your imagination run wild and tell us your big ideas for the park. The vision is to collaborate with the public and create an area that actively encourages children to explore and discover their natural surroundings, as well as being an inclusive community area that supports connection with fellow residents.

In the creation of Kinma Valley, great importance is being placed on engaging the public and encouraging people to be included in the process of placemaking, ensuring residents and visitors feel a strong sense of ownership and pride in their neighbourhood.

Help us shape the design of your community park

Open space landscapes play an important role in connecting a community, facilitating interaction with neighbours and inspiring exploration of the natural environment – not to mention encouraging an active and healthy lifestyle.

Suitable for little adventures of all ages and abilities, this new space will be thoughtfully designed for inclusive play.

Envision catch ups with friends while the kids run, jump and climb to the tree tops and use their imaginations in open-ended, unstructured play. This could be a space for weekly neighbour events on a Sunday afternoon in the sunshine or a supportive environment to make new connections in the community. The opportunities are endless and parents may even find their own inner-child and enjoy some adventure-play fun!

Do you have a vision in mind for our new adventure park? Share your ideas and inspiration to: marketing.kinmavalley@lendlease.com or send us a private message on Facebook.

When nature is nurture: Five benefits of adventure, nature parks*

  1. Supports creativity and problem solving
  2. Enhances cognitive abilities and improves focus
  3. Improves socialisation
  4. Builds resilience
  5. Reduce stress levels

*Source: 2008 Australian Outdoor Adventure Activity Benefits Catalogue, Outdoor Council of Australia