Adventures await: Discover Moreton Bay’s bush hiking trails

Adventures await: Discover Moreton Bay’s bush hiking trails from Kinma Valley

Despite your age, fitness level and whether you prefer to walk, run, or ride, Moreton Bay’s diverse settings and open spaces offer something for every explorer.

Often recognised for its vast recreational spaces with endless opportunities to explore the bush among sounds of native wildlife and trees in the wind, Moreton Bay is arguably one of the best regions to put your hiking shoes to good use.

If you love getting out and being one with nature, you’ll be spoilt for choice at Kinma Valley with an extensive network of scenic walking and cycle paths nearby. There’s also plenty of room to explore within your own backyard, with more than 30 per cent of Kinma Valley dedicated to open space.

If you’re keen to adventure through all the Moreton Bay region has to offer, consider trying one of our best hiking picks in the region next:

  • Sheep Station Creek Conservation Park, 7-minute drive from Kinma Valley
  • Caboolture Arboretum, 15-minute drive from Kinma Valley
  • North Harbour Mountain Bike Trail, 17-minute drive from Kinma Valley
  • Clear Mountain Conservation Park, 29-minute drive from Kinma Valley
  • Postman's Track Trails, 31-minute drive from Kinma Valley
  • Mount Beerburrum Walking Track, 31-minute drive from Kinma Valley
  • Mt Tibrogargan summit, 38-minute drive from Kinma Valley
  • Bunyaville Conservation Park, 42-minute drive from Kinma Valley
  • Somerset trail, 45-minute drive from Kinma Valley
  • Mount Beerwah summit, 46-minute drive from Kinma Valley


It doesn’t stop there either, as more trails are also available for horse riders and mountain bike riders while others features parks, recreational areas and off-leash dog areas.

Providing a range of possibilities, there’s no excuse to not take a wander down the scenic paths of Moreton Bay’s hiking trails!

Remember, no matter how short your journey may be if you’re taking the road less travelled or have planned your exact destination it’s always better to be safe than sorry. So, remember to tell someone your plans before embarking on your trek and to consider packing things including; sun protection, water, food, a mobile phone and a first aid kit.

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