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Dream Beneath the Trees

Kinma Valley seamlessly incorporates green surroundings with sustainable innovations.

Targeting a 6 Star Green Star rating, more than thirty percent of Kinma Valley has been dedicated to open space. A central parkland spans the length of the community, ensuring you are never far away from the restorative power of nature. 

We have worked closely with ecologists and leading fauna experts to ensure the masterplan respects the habitats of native wildlife and provides environments for them to thrive.

We will focus on recycling in the construction of Kinma Valley. Mature trees will be relocated, where possible, to provide shade along the streetscapes while facilitating a tailored approach to managing local waterways, which treat stormwater naturally while adding to the area’s beauty.

We’re repurposing a large house on site which will become the Neighbourhood Hub, a place for locals to catch up, have a coffee, and enjoy the connected environment in which they live. The Neighbourhood Hub will be carefully renovated to retain its history and charm. The rich heritage of the land will also be preserved, the stories passed down, and the community is one you’ll be proud to belong to for many years to come.

Flora and fauna conservation 

Kinma Valley is being created to form a seamless blend of the built and natural environments, focussing on protecting and enhancing the local fauna and flora.The approach to land management is designed to minimise impacts on resident fauna within the site to ensure the community co-exists with the environment.

Approved Management Plans

For more information on what environmental management plans Kinma Valley has in place, download the following documents: