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Invest in your future at Kinma Valley

Buying an investment property is one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life

There are many things to consider, from the price, floor plan, and location, to the type of home.  Investing in Elliot Springs masterplanned community will give you a premium location, proximity to commercial corridor, exceptional community amenity, promising property values with low rental vacancy rates. 

Townsville’s southern corridor is growing with the property market showing positive growth and returns for capital investments held over 10 years. There is over $8.4B** worth of project developments planned for the Townsville region commencing in 2023, with a large focus on infrastructure and commercial projects.

Elliot Springs’ offers an affordable entry price, lower vacancy rates and rental yield on par with the Townsville LGA. Now is the time to act, and secure both strong rental returns and capital growth as the project matures.

Reach out to Meryl at the Sales and Information Centre to learn more about investment opportunities at Elliot Springs.   

* All figures quote from PRD Research Report, Townsville 2023
** Estimated value is the value of construction costs provided by relevant data authority, it does not reflect the project’s sale/commercial value. Commencement dates are approximate only, and provided by the relevant data authority.

Invest in your future at Elliot Springs

Invest in your future at Elliot Springs 

An investment property is so much more than just bricks and mortar. It’s about lifestyle, convenience and community.  Download our flyer to learn more about the future of Elliot Springs.


More than just a residential address Image

More than just a residential address

Elliot Springs is located in the suburb of Julago in Townsville’s southern corridor, with a population forecast of 20,615 by year 2050.

As a property investor, understanding rental yield can help you assess a locations value.  Julago recorded a 5.4% house rental yield in December 2022, outperforming Brisbane Metro’s yield of 3.6% for the same period. Combined with the area’s record low vacancy rates of 0.8%, investors could achieve a higher rental return in Julago whilst seeing shorter rental vacancy times.

Read on to learn more about Julago, and why now is a great time to invest!

* All figured quote from PRD Research Report, Townsville 2023