Buyers Guide

Choosing where to live is a huge decision, and we’ve made it our mission to ensure the process is as streamlined, transparent and simple as possible.

Step 1

Seek Financial Advice

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Step 1 - Seek Financial Advice

Before making the final decision to buy, speak with a financial broker or bank to understand your options.

Step 2

Secure your block, home and land package or home

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Step 2 - Secure your block, home and land package or home

Kinma Valley is all about flexibility. Choose your builder and home design and take your pick from a wide range of easy-to-build on lots. Although this process differs slightly depending on what you’re buying, generally you will be asked to sign a land contract and pay a deposit. Before you sign, you should have a solicitor review the paperwork.

Keep in mind that there are fees involved in buying a block of land, including government stamp duty, property searches, legal fees, mortgage insurance and finance loan fees. Your solicitor can help you understand which extra costs you need to pay.

To buy a house and land package, you enter into two contracts. One is with Lendlease to purchase the land, the other with the builder to build the house. Construction of the house cannot commence until the land is fully titled and you have settled it.

Step 3

Contract unconditional and Transfer of Land

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Step 3 - Contract unconditional and Transfer of Land

Once finance is approved and any conditions of your contract (such as finance etc.) are met, your contract becomes ‘unconditional’. This means you’re able to proceed with settlement of the purchase. Your solicitor now needs to inform our solicitor of this on your behalf.

Step 4

Work with your builder*

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Step 4 - Work with your builder

To maintain standards within Kinma Valley and protect your investment, all homes must comply with the Design Guidelines. Spec homes and home and land packages can be pre-approved, but generally the builder will need to submit your plans to Beveridge Williams for approval on behalf of Lendlease.

Our display village builders have been carefully selected for their quality reputation, and their willingness to take you through the details. Once you’ve chosen your home design*, your builder will help you select a floor plan and discuss any upgrades you need that will suit your lot. At this time, your home design will also need to be approved by Beveridge Williams on behalf of Lendlease. Your builder will give you a building contract, and you will need to pay a percentage of the build price as a deposit, which varies from builder to builder. Prior to signing, be sure to take notice of the holding time frame of the build price. 

Step 5

Keeping you in the loop

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Step 5 - Keeping you in the loop

The time between when you sign your contract and settlement can vary. We’ll send you regular project updates via email to let you know how things are progressing. During this time, we’ll also send you updates about our community and events to help you get excited about your new home.

Step 6


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Step 6 - Settlement

Things are really happening now! Make sure you put your settlement date in your diary and maintain close contact with your solicitor.

On the settlement day, you need to pay the remaining balance of your purchase. To avoid any disappointing delays, make sure that funds are available from your financial institution before your settlement date.

Once settlement has taken place, the land title will be transferred into your name and any mortgage will be registered on title.

Step 7

Building your dream home

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Step 7 - Building your dream home

Now that your block of land has settled and your plans are approved by Beveridge Williams on behalf of Lendlease, your builder will submit the plans (refer to the Home Design Guidelines for further details) for building works and plumbing approval. Once approved, the builder can start construction.

Progress payments are made at various stages of construction – from putting down the slab and erecting the frame, to lock-up and practical completion. Your builder will invoice you at the completion of each stage and your lender or broker can help you arrange these payments. 

Safety is very important during the construction process. Your builder must comply with workplace health and safety regulations, and they’ll let you know when it is safe to go on-site. It’s important that you don’t take a sneak peek during construction without your builder present!

Your builder should keep in regular contact with you during the build, but you can always contact us if you have questions.

Step 8

Moving day!

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Step 8 - Moving day!

Congratulations! Your new home is now ready. Pick up the keys from your builder, move in and prepare to celebrate. Meet your neighbours, join a community group, explore the local area, and enjoy your new life at Kinma Valley.

Contact our friendly team today if you have any questions and we’ll be delighted to help. The Home Building Academy by Lendlease also offers expert guidance, tips and information about home building and buying to help you live well and get the most from community life.

*Subject to Design Approval. 
This information has been produced for guidance only and is not an offer or an inducement to enter into a contract or any other agreement. The contents of this information have been prepared prior to completion of detailed design and construction of Kinma Valley. Images are intended as a guide only and are artist’s impressions of how the development may appear when completed. The actual appearance, style and configuration of the development may vary without notice and may not be identical or similar to the images shown. As such, this material does not constitute a representation by Lendlease in respect of the depiction of Kinma Valley. Lendlease does not accept responsibility for any action taken by intending purchasers in reliance on this information. The final products may vary from the images shown. Images are artist’s impressions only and are subject to change. Changes may be made to the development and construction will be in accordance with the provisions of the contract for sale or planning or authority requirements. Prospective purchasers must make and rely on their own enquiries. This information has been prepared from information available at the time of publication including, in some cases, from third party sources; however, no warranty, express or implied, is given as to the accuracy of the information in this document nor does Lendlease accept any responsibility for any inaccuracies. Nothing in this document constitutes specific technical, financial or investment advice and prospective purchasers are advised to seek their own independent advice based on their specific circumstances. Any information contained in this document should be read subject to the terms of an agreement for sale. This information was produced by Lendlease Communities (Pine Valley) Pty Limited ABN 94 622 600 186 and is current as at May 2022.