When neighbours become great friends

Why knowing your neighbours is more important than you think!!
Photo taken at the Elliot Springs Neighbour Day event, March 2022


The foundations for establishing a connected community starts with the simple act of strangers becoming neighbours and then streets becoming an inclusive village that supports and looks out for one another.

Elliot Springs successful Neighbour Day at The Hub on March 19, saw families, friends, neighbours and new friendly faces come together for a special afternoon event. It was the perfect opportunity to reconnect, meet new residents and enjoy the very best of our community.


Why is being a good neighbour so important!

 Forming connections with your fellow neighbours provides a supportive circle of friends who can help you and your family out when needed. Who doesn’t love a Saturday afternoon BBQ with the neighbours after a long working week?! Knowing your neighbours also proves helpful if you go away on holiday. Residents can feel comfortable knowing when they leave, there is something looking after the house, putting out the bins or collecting mail.


So how do you get to know your neighbours in Elliot Springs?

It can be daunting sometimes making that first step to get to know your neighbours. But all it takes is a friendly hello and smile, and before you know it, you may have formed a life-long friendship.


Why not try the following:

  • Say hello to everyone you meet in the community
  • If you have lived in the neighbourhood for quite a while, why not pop over and say hi to new residents and welcome them to our community at the next Meet Your Neighbours event in June
  • Why not invite your fellow neighbours for a weekly walk around the block
  • Offer to lend a helping hand to neighbours
  • Why not organise a catch up at our next Friday Food Truck event on 29th April down at Wadda Mooli Park


Elliot Springs Community Garden 


At Elliot Springs, there are many activities, events and projects to get involved in to feel part of our local community and are a great opportunity to connect and form friendships with other residents.

  • The Elliot Springs Community Garden is situated at Wadda Mooli Park and we are always looking for volunteers to get their hands dirty and help with garden maintenance. For more information on the garden follow the Facebook page here
  • Have young children and want to meet other local families? Why not come along to the Elliot Springs Playgroup. It’s a great opportunity to connect with other families in our area, enjoy a yummy morning tea plus the kids can enjoy messy play. For more information visit the Elliot Springs Playgroup Facebook page here
  • Encourage your fellow neighbours to take part in the Bindal Fun Run on Sunday 26 June. Fun Runs are great for both those who are competitive and family/friend groups. The Fun Run is also a great way to get involved in a local community event and mingle with friends and neighbours. For more information visit their Facebook page here


What better way to stay connected in our community then by following us on Facebook or keep updated with our quarterly newsletter or Elliot Springs website.