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What to expect when building a new home

What to expect when building a new home

Once you have purchased your ideal block of land, completing the build of your dream home can sometimes feel like a distant reality. While it may sometimes feel this way, the building phase can also be one of the most rewarding and exciting parts of the home ownership journey.

Although all builders and new home projects vary and there may be times when things happen out of sync, we’ve included the main steps involved in building a home, so you will know what to expect while your build is in progress. 


1. Site preparation and plumbing

In this step the building site is checked and prepared. The main pipework for the plumbing that will

sit underneath the house is carried out.

2. Site works

If you’re building a home in a new master planned community, the siteworks are often minimal, however, your design may need a retaining wall to be built or earth moved to accommodate split levels. 

3. Slab down

This exciting step will allow you to see what your house will look like on your land.  A concrete “slab” is poured which forms the shape of your home and the foundation for the brickwork to come.

4. Framing

Depending on how your house will be constructed you may or may not have a frame erected to form your interior walls (alternatively it may be built entirely of brickwork).  If you do, you will be able to see individual rooms taking shape.

5. Roof & lock up stage

This stage is where everything comes together, and you will start to recognise the medley of construction as a home.  Electrical cabling is run in the wall and ceiling cavities, brickwork is completed, windows are installed, and your roofing is fitted. You now have a weatherproof home.

6. Internal fit out

The majority of the remaining work now happens inside the home.  The walls and ceilings are plastered, cabinets for the kitchens and bathrooms are built, and tiling completed.

7. Finishing works

The final stage.  Depending on what you have opted for in your contract, any painting is done, floor coverings laid and appliances such as an oven are installed.


This part of the home ownership journey can be addictive, and you might find yourself drawn to checking progress on a weekly, even daily basis. It’s worth remembering that good quality takes time and you shouldn’t be disappointed when it appears that not much has changed. 


If you have any questions it is always a good idea to speak to your builder’s site supervisor or customer care team who will be able to provide you with advice.

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