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What its like living and working in Elliot Springs

What its like living and working in Elliot Springs


New Elliot Springs resident Erin Day’s commute to work is pretty relaxed, a leisurely stroll to the Display Village where she works for Proview Homes as Project Coordinator. 


How is the new house going?

I love my new house! I initially drew the design myself and with only a couple of tweaks it was perfect. It’s not huge, but a quality, low maintenance home with the higher end finishing touches that we were looking for. It’s the perfect space for me and my partner right now and I love coming home to it every day. 

How is the walk to work? Imagine traffic is pretty light? It’s amazing! One of the best things about moving here is walking to work, it makes the start of my day so much calmer and relaxed as opposed to navigating traffic and a half hour drive as I was before.


What are you enjoying about living in Elliot Springs?

That there is so much green space! Lendlease has created a wonderfully liveable estate with walking tracks, parks and recreational areas all surrounded by bushland and creek corridors.
It really feels as though you’re so much further away from town, when in reality it’s only a quick drive. There’s also a great small community feel living in Elliot Springs, the people are friendly and I think any community that has Christmas street parties is one I’m happy to be a part of!

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Erin has traded her 30 minute daily commute in traffic for a walk to work, now living and working in Elliot Springs