Were you part of the buzz?

The community was buzzing with excitement for our first bee workshop, hosted by the Townsville & District Beekeepers Association Inc at The Hub.

The free event gave residents and the wider community a greater understanding of our very special bees and how they play a critical role within our environment and culture.

Young and young-at-heart were encouraged to get hands on and interact with our native stingless bees, wax, honey and much more.

Nick Smith from North Queensland Native Bees ran the educational workshops, showcasing the power of our native pollinators.

“It was great to see not just Elliot Springs residents but people from the wider community,” he said.

“While the weather has been cool, the native beehive has been quiet, with all the bees staying inside. Once the weather warms up, they will become more active.

” Throughout the workshop Nick provided an introduction into Australian Native Bees, spoke about honey, pollen and wax and the relationship with flowers as well as tips on how to encourage bees into your own garden.


Heard the buzz is the community!

When constructing the native beehive importance was placed on showcasing the local species in the natural environment, as the community and visitors to Elliot Springs continue to monitor the bees. The colony will eventually naturally duplicate into the native bush corridor for future generations.

A year after the installation, the hive will be revisited where one will become two as the hive is split and a new colony created.

Did you know Townsville & District Beekeepers Association were awarded an Elliot Springs Community Grant to fund the installation of a native stingless beehive in Wadda Mooli Park?  


Want more buzzing facts?

We have over 20,000 different species of bees in the world*! Of that in Australia, we have over 1600* different species of bees. And of these 1600 species only 12 species are eusocial bees consisting of a colony working together. 


* Source = NQ Native Bees