Elliot Springs couple celebrate a new chapter in our community

Elliot Springs couple celebrate a new chapter in our community

Drawn to Elliot Springs’ natural landscape and connected community, Ashlee and Diego have recently relocated to Whites Creek from Creekside Parade in Aspect, moving into their dream home in January 2022.

Since moving into the community, the couple have gotten engaged and now married and are looking forward to starting a family one day.

“I love what Elliot Springs offers young couples like us, you aren’t in the city but are still close enough to shopping centres and facilities,” said Ashlee.

“The natural environment surrounding our home is just beautiful. After a day at work, it’s so nice to come home to your own little peaceful paradise.

“The great thing about building and now living in Elliot Springs is that our community is only going to grow from here. We already have the BP open and the community café. It’s exciting to see what’s on the horizon and be part of the community’s growth.

The couple said the regular community events and amenities have created opportunities to connect with their fellow neighbours, enjoy the great outdoors and foster a true sense of belonging.

“Diego and I love being involved in all the Elliot Springs community events. The markets and the food trucks are a great way to meet up with our neighbours and just relax,” said Ashlee.

“We have a great circle of friends that live in Elliot Springs, we can catch up for coffee at The Hub or have BBQs. As the area grows and we see more amenities, there will be even more opportunities to connect with everyone.

“As a teacher, I’m excited for the new schools that are planned for this area. It will be so convenient for when we have children of our own.”

A place to live well, more and more young couples and families are making the move to Elliot Springs. New to the neighbourhood, here’s our top picks on how to get out and about on your weekend.

  • Enjoy a coffee with friends and neighbours at The Hub
  • Let the kids run wild on the all-inclusive playground at Wadda Mooli Park
  • Meet other neighbours and let your four-legged pal make new doggie friends at the dog off-leash park
  • Kick and ball around the junior sports field
  • Explore the natural soundings on the 4.2km Bindal Ridge walk (Construction of a new water reservoir will temporarily close the trails from mid 2022, and is expected to be operational by mid 2023)
  • Enjoy the mountain bike trails