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Meet the marketers

Meet the marketers, creating a thriving and liveable community
Christian and Jacelyn on-site at Elliot Springs


Step into the world of marketing and meet dynamic duo, Christian Rocha and Jacelyn Sanderson, who work behind the scenes to create a friendly, safe and inclusive community at Elliot Springs – one that residents are proud to call home.

A community doesn’t just pop up overnight. Creative, innovative planning is at play to build a thriving and connected community not just for residents today, but future generations.

Lendlease Property Marketing Executive Jacelyn Sanderson has seen our community evolve over the years with residents no longer invested in the bricks and mortar structure of a home, with emphasis now placed on lifestyle, location and the values of the area.

“We are social creatures by nature. I think if the pandemic has shown us anything, many of us struggle in isolation. We miss people, our network and community. I love that I get to help in the creation of community building activities and events, because we are building a place not just for current residents but future generations as well,” said Jacelyn.

“Christian and my role at Elliot Springs is to help build a community our residents want to live in, with a prime focus on the creation of ongoing community events. This included launching our Friday Food Trucks in 2021, and we plan to hold a movie event this year. These events have been created so all of Townsville can experience the beauty of the area in a relaxed, fun, night off cooking environment.

“Through my work, I love sharing all things that make Elliot Springs’ special and the stories of our beautiful residents across a variety of mediums including email, website and social media.”


Lendlease Property Marketing Manager Christian Rocha said the role of a marketing team is to help create beautiful places that encourage interaction among residents and the broader Townsville community.

“At Elliot Springs we are undertaking marketing initiatives that ensure our residents feel a sense of belonging. We also help to engage them through community events where they can meet and get to know their neighbours,” he said.

“Our Friday Food Trucks have been a big hit and have been a great way to bring our community closer together. It’s also been a great opportunity for residents to invite their friends and family to see our community.

”The year ahead is an exciting one, as Elliot Springs prepare to move into a new display village in Whites Creek. The marketing team have been focussed on the signage strategy and sale centre fit out to deliver a seamless customer experience for people visiting Elliot Springs. The new display village is just off the Bruce Highway in our latest residential precinct, Whites Creek, a neighbourhood connected by creekside pathways.

Jacelyn said there are many exciting things on the horizon for Elliot Springs, creating a friendly, safe and inclusive community, with marketing initiatives that help foster a sense of belonging and encourage our residents to live their best life.

“Friday Food Trucks will be back plus Cinema under the stars, that we had to postpone due to bad weather is on track for mid 2022.  I’m excited to bring to life more resident stories through our newsletters, website and share with the wider community across our social media page,” she said.

“Memorable marketing highlights have included working with Kate Annetts (QCWA ACES Vice President) and Daniel Toppi (Owner of Top Performance Initiative), both local residents, to promote the inaugural Bindal Ridge Fun Run that was held in July 2021. I’ve enjoyed working with PUFT Townsville to create Friday Food Trucks for our community and the Townsville at large.  All these events are designed to bring communities closer together.”

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