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Lendlease and Bindal Elders invest in tomorrows Indigenous leaders

Lendlease and Bindal Elders invest in tomorrows Indigenous leaders

Established through the development of the Bindal Cultural Heritage Agreement, the Bindal Trust is a vital step forward in Lendlease’s vision for a reconciled nation, ensuring a shared prosperity and privileging First Nations voices.

The long-standing partnership between the Bindal Peoples and Lendlease Elliot Springs has been based on educating and sharing the knowledge and cultural values of traditional landowners, and to look after Country and People.

Bindal Elder Eddie Smallwood said the Trust would provide opportunities to connect with the wider community in educating people in Cultural Awareness and Cultural Protocol Practices and how business should be done when working with First Nations Peoples.

The Trust will provide the opportunity for the Bindal Peoples to create tertiary aspirations programs and job creation for the future generations.

“The Trust is going to be very beneficial to our youth, for the younger people coming through so we can help them through education and looking at developing scholarships in the future.

“I would like the Trust to be used towards education because these days if our kids don’t have a good education it can be harder in life for them. Some of them are a bit disadvantaged in schools, so we want to be there to help them and guide them in the right way.

“The Trust can also be used towards employment and training. We want to make sure we have opportunities there to increase the educational prospects for our Indigenous people, not only the traditional landowners, the Bindal people, but we want to take everyone with us.

Elliot Springs places great importance on valuing and nurturing the fundamental place the Bindal culture and its history has in the community. The Lendlease Elevate Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) is just one way we align our values and vision for reconciliation. The RAP outlines our commitment to First Nations People, acknowledging their unbroken connection to country, creating respectful relationships that provide opportunities for equal social and economic outcomes. 

The new Lendlease Elevate RAP 2020-2023 is titled Country, Truth and our Shared Story. The key objective is to take a leading role in lifting the industry standard of placemaking by incorporating the self-determination principals and voices of First Nations Peoples. Lendlease is working towards achieving large-scale, sustainable change to national industry standards, practices, mindsets and behaviours through close collaboration with First Nations Peoples and all facets of placemaking.


Image Courtesy of Bindal Trust