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It’s all bells, whistles and celebrations for Nome District Rural Fire Brigade

Ready for action, the Nome District Rural Fire Brigade are ringing the sirens in celebration of their recent Lendlease Community Grant, purchasing two blowers to increase their operational firefighting capabilities.

Now in its 51st year serving the communities across the district, the brigade plans to continue its support for residents, including those living in Elliot Springs by attending local events and educating the public on bush fires.

Community Engagement Officer for Nome District Rural Fire Brigade Paul Cannon said the brigade had some simple fire safety tips to ensure residents reduce their bush fire risk this season.

“Whilst the rains have delayed this year’s bush fire season, which traditionally starts on the 1st of  August, property owners should not become complacent, as the soil and vegetation could dry out quite quickly and lead to a late, but intensive bushfire season,” he said.

“Community members should continue to prepare their properties for the coming season to reduce the likelihood of bushfires effecting their homes. Its not just direct flames that can impact properties, ember attack and radiant heat are two aspects that can lead to significant impacts on properties from bush fires.

“Nome District Rural Fire Brigade would like to thank Lendlease for its generous donation and support.”

It doesn’t get more local than this! The Nome District Rural Fire Brigade successfully applied for a Lendlease Community Grant and received funding to purchase two battery operated blowers from local business owner, Dave McKinnon of the Stihl in Hyde Park.

The two blowers will help keep the station clean and tidy, but importantly can be used for mopping up operations, especially in parts of the district where access to water is a critical issue.

For more information on how to prepare your property for fire season, visit: