Investing in your future at Elliot Springs

Investing in your future at Elliot Springs

There’s a lot to love about Elliot Springs!

Surrounded by stunning natural bushland and just 15km from Townsville CBD, Elliot Springs is a thriving community that offers investors and renters great value for money in a premium location with proximity to the commercial corridor, exceptional community amenity, and promising property values with historically low rental rates.

Elliot Springs is a big drawcard for investors. It continues to grow at a rapid rate, and has become a melting pot of people, who feel part of a nurturing neighbourhood, where residents take pride in their homes and feel they can live well, grow and thrive.

Real Estate Principal for Ray White Annandale Brad Read said Elliot Springs has become an attractive investment opportunity, with low vacancy rates resulting in a high demand for rental properties in the region.

“Elliot Springs really is an investors dream, offering an affordable entry price, lower vacancy rates and a rental yield on par with the Townsville LGA,” he said.

“Elliot Springs recorded 5.8 percent rental yield in December 2021, outperforming Brisbane’s Metro’s yield of 3.4 percent. This is in conjunction with the community’s record low vacancy rates of 0.4 precent, lower than Brisbane Metro’s 1.3 percent.

“Not only will investors achieve a higher rental return in Elliot Springs, they will also have a shorter rental vacancy time, resulting in fast income cashflow.”


The Townsville effect

North Queensland is experiencing dramatic growth as more people are crossing the border in record numbers due to the region’s beautiful weather, relatively affordable housing and laid-back lifestyle.

Elliot Springs demonstrates affordability and the community’s future looks very bright, with six new schools, including two new high schools, shopping precincts, sporting grounds, district parks, and commercial centres all coming soon.

With industrial operations such as the zinc and copper refineries being so close, it means Elliot Springs is in the heart of Townsville’s southern commercial growth corridor. A total of $11.2B worth of project developments are in the pipeline for the area, with a large focus on infrastructure, commercial and industrial projects.

“The similarity in demographic make-up between Townsville LGA and Brisbane Metro can suggest comparable future growth potential pattern – both in terms of capital growth and rental returns,” said Brad.

“In Elliot Springs the demand for rental properties continues to rise, families through to professional couples want to be part of a community that creates connection and a sense of belonging.

“Buying an investment property is a great way to grow your capital, and in the current market where rentals are in hot demand, there’s great opportunities to receive steady rental income while simultaneously supplying the growing Townsville community with much-needed housing options.”

To learn more about investment opportunities at Elliot Springs watch our interview with Ray White’s Brad Read.




Get your slice of the good life in Elliot Springs

  • Rental yield in Elliot Springs has increased to 5.8% in December 2021, now on par with Townsville LGA and well above Brisbane Metro area (3.4%)
  • 4 + Bedroom houses recorded the highest annual growth in rent of 37.1%
  • In December 2021, Elliot Springs recorded a low vacancy rate of 0.4%, below Townsville LGA (0.6%) and Brisbane Metro (1.3%). Vacancy rates in Elliot Springs is well below the Real Estate Institute of Australia’s healthy benchmark of 3.0%
  • Elliot Springs offers a more affordable entry price, higher rental yield, and lower vacancy rates. Now is the time to act, and secure both strong rental returns and capital growth as the project matures


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