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Host the ultimate housewarming

Host the ultimate housewarming


Inviting your nearest and dearest over to say cheers is a must in any new home and playing host to a true-blue housewarming BBQ is a great low-key way to make family and friends feel at home in your new digs.

A backyard barbecue is the ultimate way to welcome your friends and family to your new home, and with the help of this handy guide – it’s going to be one to remember.


Chuck another shrimp on the barbie, and another, and another, because there should be plenty of nibbles to go around. Fresh seafood is always a crowd pleaser. Keeping it simple and tasty is key. Also, is there anything more quintessentially Aussie than a sausage sizzle? Just keep the tomato and BBQ sauce handy. Finally, don’t forget your vego friends! Stock-up on bubble and squeak patties or grill some veggies on the barbie and make colourful skewers, so all kinds of appetites are satisfied.



Wash the charcoal down with a selection of thirst-quenching beverages stored in an ever-reliable Esky. On those hot summer days, nothing goes down better than an icy cold drink. A carafe of seasonal fruit punch is both visually pleasing on the table and will provide cool bliss every time your guests take a sip. Stubby holders are also a must and if you really want something for your guests to talk about, order personalised stubby holders to hand out so your friends will always remember who throws the best barbecues!


Backyard Games

Keep the kids and grown ups entertained with a simple footy to toss, kick and catch around the backyard. A frisbee will also do the trick and a cricket set also doubles as the perfect way to meet your new neighbours when you have to fetch any wayward balls.


Summer Playlist

Creating the perfect playlist beforehand is another essential for bringing the good vibes and casual ambience to your backyard barbie. A portable speaker is the perfect pocket-sized pal for playing your feelgood tunes. Just be sure to let the neighbours know, or better yet, invite them!


Festoon Lights
As the sun sets on your housewarming barbecue, there’s no better way to bring the warm, festive feels than with a few strings of festoon lights hanging in the trees, on the fence or off the back deck. This is not only a fun decorative idea, it’s also functional way to ensure your soirée is well-lit as the evening goes on.


Move It Mozzies
A backyard barbecue means soaking in Townsville’s 320 days of sunshine, laughter amongst the lush tropic greenery and the glorious smell of freshly cut lawn and sizzling sausages, intertwined with fresh summer air. However, summer also means the arrival of some uninvited guests. Be sure to defend yourself and your guests with a mozzie coil or citronella candle, to keep the good times in and the mozzies out.