Home designer creates Palm beach inspired haven in Elliot Springs

Palm beach meets Mediterranean! We discover how resident and professional home designer Samantha, brought her stylish new home to life in our community.


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Purchasing land and building in Elliot Springs presents an exciting opportunity to personalise your homes’ design and layout to suit your lifestyle and personality. Local resident Samantha has used her creativity and design-savvy to bring coastal elegance and vibrant Mediterranean style to her very own home build. Let’s find out how she brought the vision to life!

Clever home design for laidback, luxe living

Choosing to buy land to build on was a no-brainer for Samantha, who worked with local builder Proview Homes to create her ideal customised home design here in Elliot Springs.

“Building gives you complete control over creating your home to suit your needs,” Samantha said. “As a home designer myself, it was important to me to create a large open-plan living space with raised ceilings to allow for lots of natural light.”

“Our home is a completely custom designed floor plan that has maximised the space on our lot. It’s been designed allow for a future pool and side access, and to suit the services running through the rear of the lot, all on a 580m² block,” she said. “In the building process, we also made sure our home was energy efficient, and would capture all of the breezes, to keep it as cool as possible in summer.”

Custom features of the home include a stylish curved wall and kitchen island, arched bathroom mirrors and shower screens, brass tapware and fixtures, and vibrant pops of colour with terrazzo tiles and coloured concrete basins.

Mediterranean style, Proview View homes custom design

“I have also weaved elements of the tropical, palm beach inspiration through the home, with statement pendants, bohemian wall hangings and a palm tree in the front yard,” Samantha said.


Palm Beach inspiration, Proview Homes custom design

 A proud Elliot Springs resident, Samantha is delighted to have built her new abode in a friendly, connected community.  “From our first visit to Elliot Springs, we fell in love with the area. Our neighbours are great, and we regularly enjoy beautiful afternoon walks around the estate.”

Wondering how you can create your home like an expert? Here are our top savvy home design tips:

  1. Define your vision

Begin by clarifying your vision for the new home build. What are your goals, preferences, and must-haves? You can create a vision board or a scrapbook of images, colours, and textures that inspire you, to help ensure that your design aligns with your personal style.

  1. Research and gather inspiration

Whether creating a mood board on Pinterest, following interior designers on Instagram, walking through display homes or browsing a new home builder, there are many ways to research and discover what you do and don’t like.

Looking for display home inspiration in Elliot Springs? The Whites Creek Display Village is set to open later this month and will feature 6 of Townsville’s most experienced builders. Visit the Elliot Springs Display Village page for more updates.

  1. Consider functionality and practicality

“Design isn't just about aesthetics; it's also about functionality and practicality,” Samantha said.

Think about your lifestyle and how you plan to use each space in your new home. Consider factors such as the number of occupants, their ages and how their needs might change over time, and any specific needs or hobbies. Remember to incorporate practical features like ample storage, energy-efficient appliances, sustainability initiatives like solar power, and versatile open-plan layouts to ensure your home is both beautiful and functional.

  1. Consistent style

Select a consistent design style for your home, such as modern, coastal, ‘Hamptons’ or rustic. Pay attention to furniture, accessories, lighting fixtures, and architectural details that align with your chosen style. You can also integrate materials and textures that complement each other, with details like wood, stone, glass, tiles, and metals that can take your home to the next level!

  1. Choose the right builder for your vision and needs

Select a reputable builder who understands your needs and wants and can assist you with finding the house and land package that is right for you. Ensure the builder you choose can deliver the customisations and finishes you want, and who can consult you through the construction and design phases.

Build your dream home in Elliot Springs 

Elliot Springs is a place to live, work and thrive, in beautiful homes that are both stylish and relaxed. There are walking tracks, bike trails, and nature at every turn. There are neighbours to meet, cuppas to be shared and meaningful connections to create.

Just 15 minutes from the heart of Townsville, this natural retreat inspires a dynamic lifestyle, in all the best ways possible. At Elliot Springs you'll find a variety of options to suit your lifestyle and budget. Discover some of the house and land packages available in Elliot Springs here.

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