Families reconnect and ask RUOK?

Elliot Springs’ parents took a break, connected with fellow families and took the time to check-in on one another at a special RUOK? Day playgroup event.

It’s never been more important for families to check-in on one another, connect and enjoy a well-deserved break from their busy lives.

The Wulguru State School Elliot Springs & Surrounds Playgroup hosted a free RUOK? Day community event for local families, where children enjoyed interactive fun, while parents put their feet up and took advantage of some ‘me time’ and a break from the mental load.

“It was fantastic to see so many families come along, connect with other parents while the children enjoyed some fun activities,” Playgroup lead Tami Olsen said.

“Around 80 people from across Townsville attended, with a few parents so impressed by the Elliot Springs community and Wadda Mooli Park, that they’ve talked about coming back.”

The RUOK? playgroup event took place at Elliot Springs Community Hub near Wadda Mooli Park. Essentially Fresh Café provided free coffee and a kit kat to parents, while the Playgroup provided a complimentary morning tea.

“Going through this parenting journey can be tough at times but knowing you’ve got support can make a huge difference,” Playgroup lead Tami Olsen said.

“It’s important to hold events like this to encourage mummas and parents to reach out and check-in on one another, because one day they may check in on you when you need it the most.”

Utilising Elliot Springs Community Grant funds, Tami had Local business, Soft Play Townsville set up a large interactive play area for the little ones. The Playgroup also set up a range of exciting activities.

A big thank you to everyone for coming along and connecting over an important cause.