Elliot Springs Wildlife Warrior

Elliot Springs Wildlife Warrior

Supporting the local wildlife through rescue, immediate and advanced care for those injured and orphaned, and releasing those rehabilitated back into the wild, Elliot Springs resident Josh McKendrick has a goal to educate his neighbours on how to play their part in caring for our natural environment and the animals that live there.

Whites Creek Wildlife Care (WCWC) was originally created in January 2020 under the name ‘Snakefella Wildlife Rescue” with the core focus of caring and helping the local wildlife, while teaching residents about the local ecosystems and the animals that inhabit Townsville.

“Recently we received a baby possum, only around 330g in weight, which was handed to the rescue after they could not locate the mother anywhere. We had difficulties with her not wanting the milk substitute at the start, but then everything started to go smoothly,” said Josh.

“After getting her to a certain weight we began introducing her to a natural type diet and we also introduced bark and insects to promote that instinct to look for food. Her natural instincts were amazing and when I moved to Elliot Springs in April, I handed her over to another carer for her pre-release stage of rehabilitation. At this stage she was around 1.1kgs and a very active individual.

“I was dropping a very young possum to the carer and the opportunity arose that I could see her again just before she was released and the feeling of getting her to that point was just surreal. A mixed set of emotions. I was happy to see her thriving but all my memories of our time together and getting her to that point, it makes you sad but proud knowing she’s going back to the wild  and that I won’t see her again.”

Since moving to the neighbourhood in April this year, Josh is looking forward to educating residents on how they can play their part and become their own wildlife warrior.

“I chose to live in Elliot Springs because of how the community has been designed, the natural areas, walking tracks and the general feel of the area pulled me to wanting to start a life here,” said Josh.


Kangaroo in the backyard of the Elliot Springs Sales and information Centre, Vista Place

“My neighbours have been so welcoming and have always been up for a chat when they’re free. Not only is it friendly and welcoming, but the whole community seems to get together whenever something arises, whether that be lost pets, sharing of extra materials or things from their builds. It’s such an awesome community to be part of.”

Surrounded by the natural environment, Josh said there are a few steps residents can take if they find an injured animal or wildlife that needs assistance.

“The first thing we asked people to do is give us a call on: 0448 135 156. Every rescue is different, every call has a different situation, so by calling us we can give you the best information and the best knowledge to help that animal there and then,” he said.

“Sometimes it may be dangerous for that person to do anything, and we would rather it be us, as professional wildlife carers to calm the situation and the animal and not put you in danger.”

Whites Creek Wildlife Care are looking at engagement opportunities with local residents in the coming months. Watch this space.

For further information visit the Whites Creek Wildlife Care website.