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Elliot Springs offers a connected community

Elliot Springs offers a connected defence community for this Townsville couple

To lay the foundations for their family’s future, it was important for Townsville couple Cane and Michelle Barns to be part of a connected and like-minded community, with residents that take care of one and another, especially when Cane is away for work with the Army.

With two defence bases in Townsville, RAAF Townsville and Lavarack (Army), Elliot Springs is perfectly positioned for the young couple, offering easy access to shops and a short commute the work.

For Michelle, an ex-serving member of the Royal Australian Air Force, the location and lifestyle were incredibly important when deciding where to build the couple’s dream home.

“The huge appeal of Elliot Springs was the rural feel, yet the proximity to everything we need regularly.

We both grew up in rural NSW towns, so we really love nature, having space, peaceful surroundings and living among like-minded people,” said Michelle.

“We love how friendly the other residents are, most around our age and at a similar stage of life. Living in a garrison city such as Townsville, it feels more supportive being around other families or couples who have a common connection to the defence industry and are more likely to look after each other, particularly when the serving member is away.

“Living only 12 minutes from home to his office on a relatively quiet stretch of highway creates such a good work/life balance for Cane. Prior to living in Elliot Springs, we were renting 25-30 mins from work, which when his work involves early starts, late finishes and long stints at work, a typical day was tiring and costly on fuel.”

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Cane and Michelle Barns are planting roots for their future in Elliot Springs


Expecting their first child later this year, Michelle and Cane feel reassured knowing that support and family-friendly amenities are only a stone’s throw away.

“For the first time, we have a neighbour (also an ex-service defence member) who is now a friend, and we frequently help each other with mowing lawns and other odd jobs,” said Michelle.

“Within a short walking distance from our home there is a park with a wonderful kid’s playground, bbq area, sports field, community centre, playgroup, fitness groups and a café open on weekends which hosts lots of events and opportunities to meet fellow residents and be involved in creating the community, which is unique in Townsville, making it a lovely place to live.

“With the continued development and upgrades to the bases and expansion of the defence industry in Townsville, we would absolutely encourage other military members/families to consider Elliot Springs as an option to buy or build, with the option of renting out when they post away.”