Storytelling mural to feature at the Elliot Springs community hub

Children of Elliot Springs took part in a special co-creation activity, where they learnt about the First Nations stories of the local area to create their own works of art.

A creative art collaboration between the children of Elliot Springs and Bindal artist, Shanane Mills-Prior, the activity saw children get creative and co-create a future mural for the community hub building.

Artist Shanane shared with the children her knowledge and stories of her Country, and the native animals that call it home, inspiring their own drawings.

“We are using the paintings of the three rivers as the base for the mural, which are the boundaries for our Bindal people in our area. These are Ross River, the Burdekin River and the Haughton River,” Shanane said.

“The rivers are home to lots of native animals…such as the crocodile. It’s important to share stories especially with children, because the stories are embedded in and connecting them to the places that they live.”

Elliot Springs’ Social Impact Manager, Danielle Kollanyi, said the community hub is a central meeting point for the Elliot Springs community and the mural project aims to create a sense of co-creation and ownership for everyone.

We're excited to see this beautiful new mural come to life in the coming months, keep your eyes peeled!