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Creating educational pathways for Elliot Springs’ young minds

School’s in at Elliot Springs as our growing community provides the foundations to inspire our bright young minds to learn, play, explore and grow in their natural environment.

School’s in at Elliot Springs! As our community grows, so too is the long-term commitment to provide the educational pathways and opportunities for the bright young minds in our neighbourhood.

In an exciting new chapter of growth for education in Elliot Springs, a range of learning programs have been created to encourage our younger generation to learn, play, explore and grow in their natural environment.

Connecting children through play, Elliot Springs and Surrounds Playgroup run fun and engaging fortnightly programs that let little one's imaginations run wild, while encouraging parents to meet other families in the community and lean on one another as they navigate their way through early childhood.

Primary school teacher and coordinator of the playgroup, Tami Olsen, hosts the playgroup at Wadda Mooli Park near the Community Hub on Monday fortnightly from 8.30am to 10.30am.

“The playgroup activities assist in language development and communication and provide engaging discussion between parents and their child,” Tami said.

“It gives children an open-ended environment to participate in and enjoy new activities. I observe a lot of beautiful moments between a parent and a child; when they’re engaged with their child in play or conversation or in a quiet moment reading together. I also enjoy seeing children become friends with their peers as they continue to come regularly and build those connections.”

Tami said the playgroup program has gotten bigger and better, thanks to the funding they received from the Elliot Springs Community Grants Program – allowing her to upgrade the playgroup equipment and activities and pay for ongoing hire costs.

The Apple Tree Learning Hub are breaking the mould by designing a new learning framework. Developed by three experienced teachers, Raz, Erin and Amy, who saw a need for the rapidly growing homeschool community.

Recently relocating to our neighbourhood, the program is run Tuesdays and Wednesdays from Wadda Mooli Park for children from 4.5 years to 15 years of age.

“With so many families choosing to homeschool their children we decided to create a Learning Hub where the children could come along to learn, socialise and have fun together. We offer unique programs which cover practical life skills like sewing, basic woodwork and cooking, to name a few,” said Raz.

“We give opportunities for the children to express themselves through various different art mediums. We also offer formal tutoring sessions to supplement the home learning that is already happening with their parents.

“From our many years of experience in teaching we knew that children learnt best when the content was delivered in a way that suited their learning style. We incorporate lots of hands-on practical learning, movement, songs, visuals etc to cater to the variety of learning styles. We spend a lot of time outside playing, participating in team building activities, exploring new life skills and just laughing and learning together.”

Established in April 2022, The Apple Tree Learning Hub was originally operating from a private property in Mount Low but with a surge in enrolments, needed to find a larger space for the children.

The Hub at Elliot Springs was the perfect fit. The Apple Tree children are thoroughly enjoying their new playground and the open spaces.

Elliot Springs Development Manager Simon Walker said investing in educational facilities and programs for residents was an exciting step forward for Elliot Springs, delivering vital services that will support the next generation of our community’s leaders.

“As our community grows and welcomes more families, it is important to provide quality education opportunities close to home, making Elliot Springs a convenient place to live, play and learn,” said Simon.

“From the playgroup program to the new learning framework of The Apple Tree Hub, there are a range of educational opportunities for a wide range of ages and developmental stages.”

To accommodate the growing North Queensland population, the community will eventually feature six schools, including two high schools, plus childcare centres, community business facilities and local learning will be open to all ages.

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Image: courtesy of The Apple Tree Learning Hub.