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Cash in your containers and earn

Cash in your containers and earn


Did you know that your containers are worth cash? The Containers for Change program allows you to get a 10c refund for every eligible container you return. It is a great way for the kids to earn some pocket money or donate to a worthy cause while keeping your local area clean as well!

Elliot Springs is now home to a collection point (bag drop) near the Visitor Information Centre.


So how does it work?

  1. Collect eligible containers (look out for the 10c collection mention on the label). There is an app you can download to scan the barcode to check
  2. Take them to a container refund point (walk down to the Visitor Information Centre car park to drop them)
  3. Drop your bag, noting your Scheme ID and choose to earn or donate


The new bag drop pod has instructions (like above) on how to drop off your empties


If you want to keep the refund yourself, you’ll need to get yourself set up with a Scheme ID linked to your bank account – visit to create an ID (it is very easy). If you’d like to donate to a local group, find out their ID on the website so when you donate you can include it on your bag.

Happy collecting!