Welcome to the winter edition of the Elliot Springs Voice

Winter edition of the Elliot Springs Voice


Read on for all the latest community news. In this edition:

  • Project update
  • Welcome to the neighbourhood to the newest Elliot Springs residents
  • Neighbour Day community movie night was a hit
  • Get involved with helping lead community events
  • Local youth group meets weekly at the Hub
  • Elliot Springs has a baby playgroup
  • The Hub has an events hire space
  • Street Library has a revamp - donations wanted
  • Support a local - Top Performance Initiative local fitness group
  • Alligator Creek Lions Club
  • Are you proud of your patch?
  • Sustainable building design


We're always looking for great community stories. If you would like to share a story, please get in touch with Danielle Kollanyi, our Social Sustainability Manager (E: [email protected]). 


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