Receive your $10,000 Housewarming gift at Elliot Springs


Now is the time to be part of Townsville's next chapter at Elliot Springs with a $10,000* Housewarming Gift set to sweeten the deal.

Simply buy now and settle by 14 February 2020 and you could enjoy $10,000 to spend on brand new furniture, new appliances or even a family holiday!

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Rest your cuppa here
A coffee table is quite the snazzy interior staple. Whether it’s holding your steaming hot tea until it cools to the perfect warmth, a TV remote at the ready to click ‘Continue Watching’ when Netflix underestimates your binge session or all the cheese you could find for a tipple with the girls, it’s an often underrated addition to a living room. Plus, with the right décor, a coffee table can be the focal point of your living room and a versatile furniture piece to style with the seasons!

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A Queenslanders Guide To Hosting The Ultimate House Warming BBQ

If you’re lucky enough to call Townsville home, there’s plenty of reasons to celebrate. With neighbours like the Great Barrier Reef, the Wet Tropics and the Queensland outback, inviting your mates over to say cheers is a must. We don’t mean clinking china at a grand soirée – we mean playing host to a true-blue housewarming BBQ! A backyard barbecue is the ultimate way to welcome your friends and family to your new digs, while making them feel at home, and with the help of this handy guide – it’s going to be one to remember.

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The House Warming Gifts New Home Owners Actually Need

Moving into a new house is a very exciting time! Creating the vibes of each room, figuring out how to best utilise each cupboard and discovering the everyday item you forgot to add to the shopping haul are all part of the big move. So when your bestie is finally ready for a housewarming, don’t clutter their space with odd bits and bobs. Help them turn their house into a functional home with these gifts they will be thanking you every time they use it.

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