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Living in Elliot Springs

Sustainability and Environment

At Elliot Springs, we’ll be taking our cues from nature and ‘keeping it green’.

Elliot Springs has achieved a 5 Star Green Star – Communities rating from the Green Building Council of Australia by demonstrating our commitment to best practice for urban and environmental design.

The variety of large open spaces and creek corridors offers a sense of relief from the typical urban lifestyle. Our water sensitive urban design and land rehabilitation programs are however just the beginning. We are now exploring a range of innovative technologies to reduce our footprint and further integrate the community with natural settings. 

Some sustainable initiatives being undertaken at Elliot Springs include:

  • Designating Core Conservation Areas and educational signage for the protection and rehabilitation of Black-Throated Finch
  • Regular water quality monitoring testing
  • Drought proof planting
  • Reuse of recycled materials including topsoils and site materials
  • Natural shade opportunities and select planting styles
  • Energy saving lighting
  • SMART Bins
  • SMART Irrigation Systems
  • SMART Community Facilities
  • SMART Water Meter and Monitoring Systems
  • Weed management.

Tips for Your Home

Working in partnership with builders and Townsville City Council, we are dedicated to creating the community of tomorrow and are always ready to give advice on how you can have a sustainable home.

Simply orienting your home correctly with the sun axis and maximising the Elliot Springs breeze can substantially slash your household running costs. It’s also important to consider energy saving appliances and sustainable energy systems such as solar and battery storage.

If you are interested in finding out what you can do to build a more efficient and sustainable home, read our Building Smart guide which features six smart ideas to consider when building. Find out more

Flora and fauna conservation

At Elliot Springs, we are committed to the conservation of the flora and fauna found in the local area.  In particular, the Black throated-finch.  They were once much more widespread within the Galilee Basin of Central Queensland and coastal plains near Townsville but are now classed as endangered under the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act and the Nature Conservation Act. Find out more.

Approved Management Plans

For more information on what environmental management plans Elliot Springs has in place, download the following documents:

Environmental Protection and Biodiversity Conservation (EPBC) Act Compliance Reports

For more information on how Elliot Springs is compliant with the EPBC Act, download the following reports:

Water Quality Monitoring Reports

For more information on water quality monitoring at Elliot Springs, download the following reports: