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Sustainability and Environment



Environmental Sustainability at The New Rouse Hill

Sustainability today is embedded in every new community and urban development. At Lendlease, sustainability is not just an approach, it is part of delivering a place that people want to be a part of, setting up the community for resilience into the future. The New Rouse Hill has set in place a number of initiatives to ensure that this beautiful environment will flourish for generations to come. Some initiatives include:

  • Landscaping throughout the community consists of a minimum of 80% native and low water tolerant plant species
  • Stormwater management systems that include bio-retention systems, wetlands, rain gardens and swales to ensure high quality stormwater enters Caddies Creek
  • Energy efficient street lighting
  • Well planned street designs which maximise solar access
  • Recycled water is provided to all homes
  • Solar thermal evacuated tube technology to heat the community pool.