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The story behind naming Kings Central’s road network

Whether you’ve purchased on Peartree Circuit or Steam Lane, you'll be delighted to know there is history and meaning behind the name of your future address.

Kickstarting the process in early 2020, it was important to ensure that buyers knew the name of the street they were purchasing at before they signed on the dotted line. It’s more exciting for our customers to buy a home on Peartree Circuit instead of a generic name like ‘Road 01'.

Why did these names get chosen for our community?

There are 10 streets within Kings Central:

  • Peartree Circuit
  • Meyer Street
  • Cargo Street
  • Plumcott Street
  • Apple Street
  • Spinifex Road
  • Tramway Avenue
  • Steam Lane
  • Corymbia Road
  • Gauge Street

When choosing the neighbourhood’s street names, we wanted to tie each street name back to the history of the local area so residents could feel proud to be a Kings Central resident.

Peartree Circuit, Meyer Street, Plumcott Street and Apple Street link back to colonial history of Werrington, which was subdivided in the 19th Century for farming and developing orchards. These four names relate to types of fruit grown in these orchards - (Meyer is a type of lemon, and Plumcott is a hybrid of an apricot and plum).

Cargo Street, Tramway Avenue, Steam Lane and Gauge Street pay homage to the nearby Werrington Station, which opened in 1868 and was an integral part in connecting Parramatta to the Blue Mountains.

As connection with nature and the surrounding environment is a key focus for the Kings Central development, the final two street names – Spinifex Road and Corymbia Road – are named after local tree and plant species in the area. Spinifex is a variety of coastal grass, and Corymbia is the group name for the almost 100 varieties of eucalyptus trees.

What is the process behind officially naming a street?

Aside from undertaking research to choose the names, Penrith City Council has strict guidelines that must be abided by before they approve whether a street can be called a particular name. From there, it goes to the Geographical Naming Board for final approval. As long as our suggestions comply with council guidelines, it's a straight forward approval process.

Some of these guidelines include:

  • One-worded street names that are easy to read, spell and pronounce
  • Nearby street names should not rhyme (e.g. Flack Street and Black Street) as it confuses delivery drivers and emergency services
  • Names should have a meaning behind them, and be appropriate for the area

Names of living people should not be used

No matter which street name takes your fancy, there is a house and land package to suit your lifestyle. Get in touch with our sales team here to learn how you can call Kings Central home.