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The benefits of building in a new, masterplanned neighbourhood

Whether you’re a first home buyer or simply on the move, there are plenty of things to consider when purchasing property. If you’ve never built your own home, you might be curious about the benefits of doing so – as opposed to buying an established property.

In this blog, we break down the benefits of building your own home in a new, masterplanned neighbourhood like Kings Central.

Everything is made easy with a Turnkey home

When you choose the Kings Central community as your future address, you'll be purchasing a Turnkey home. Like the name suggests, everything you need to start living in comfort and style is in place and ready to enjoy from the moment you turn the key in the front door and walk inside for the very first time. Unlike purchasing an established property where you might need to consider renovations or tweaks to existing landscaping, everything in your Turnkey home is beautiful and ready to go - all you need to do is move your furniture in!

There are purpose-built amenities designed just for you

When you purchase in a masterplanned neighbourhood like Kings Central, everything has been thoughtfully planned for and carefully considered – from the tree-lined railway boundary to the two parks within the community. It also means you’re perfectly positioned near all the amenity one could need or desire. At Kings Central, you’re right near the Great Western Highway, and closely connected to local shops, schools, sports fields, employment opportunities, the Nepean Hospital and Penrith High Street.

You’ll be part of a close, connected community

There’s something to be said about building a home alongside likeminded people who are also going through the home builder journey. In other masterplanned Lendlease communities, many residents credit this process for introducing them to their neighbours and establishing a connection from the very beginning. Once your home is complete, you’ll be living in a community where everybody is new – meaning it's easier to make new friends, establish local community groups or create new neighbourly traditions like street parties, Christmas light competitions and much more.

Kings Central truly is your place to live well. The neighbourhood is 85% sold and a limited selection of premium homes are selling now!