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Meet Kings Central’s Development Manager Scott Gordon

We sat down with Kings Central’s Scott Gordon to discuss his responsibilities for the Kings Central project, how he discovered that a career in the property sector was right for him and his advice for budding development managers.

The inspiration behind a career in development

For Scott, a career in development was not always on the cards. His journey into the workforce began with a plumbing career, before realising he was more interested in the behind-the-scenes construction of projects – particularly from the early inception phase. A gentle nudge from his grandmother was all the inspiration Scott needed to put down the pipe cutters and plungers and head back to the books to pursue a career in property development.

“I’ve been in the construction industry for 17 years, with 10 of those in development,” Scott said. “I really enjoyed the construction side of plumbing and started researching different career opportunities in the construction industry. What really appealed to me about Property Development is the all-encompassing nature of the role.

From the very inception of a project to its successful completion, you get to be part of every stage. It's like being on the front row for the entire journey, experiencing the evolution of a project from start to finish. This holistic perspective of Property Development truly excited me and sparked my interest in pursuing it further.”

Property development can be a competitive career path but it’s one that Scott has thrived in. Joining the Lendlease team over a year ago, he enjoys both the wins and challenges associated with developing the Kings Central community from the ground up. For those looking to share similar successes in the property development sector, Scott’s advice is simple – be hungry.

“If you're genuinely passionate about getting into development, go all in! Put a hundred percent of your effort into it. Explore every avenue to break into this field. Even if you're transitioning from a different trade or industry, focus on developing the specific skills required for property development. Your prior experience can be a valuable asset to leverage as you make your way into the realm of development.”

Lendlease’s legacy a huge drawcard for Scott

When asked what his motivations were to join Lendlease and the Kings Central project, two major reasons came to mind for Scott – legacy and reputation.

“Lendlease care about their legacy and reputation on all of their developments,” Scott said. “They genuinely care about building communities and supporting them for years to come. When it comes to Kings Central, I love that it’s not just another development or another home or another house to live in. You're building and buying into a community from the start. So, you get to meet your neighbours, your friends, your family who you could be spending the next 15, 20, 30 years with - I think that's pretty amazing!”

Why Kings Central ticks all the boxes for buyers

If you’ve been looking to build your dream home, Scott said Kings Central ticks all the boxes for buyers looking to find a community with likeminded residents to settle down in long term. While the community is still coming to life, with residents expected to move in later this year, Scott said it’s been fantastic to see neighbours already connecting.

“One of my favourite things with the Kings Central project was at a recent Meet your Neighbour event and seeing all the new families and new community members of Kings Central come together,” he said.

“It's truly heartwarming to witness the joy that spreads across their faces when they finally lay eyes on their plot of land or the very spot where their future home will stand, along with the opportunity to connect with their future neighbours. It's moments like these that hold a special place in my heart!”

The Kings Central community is now 85% sold, with a limited selection of premium homes available. To learn more about our brand-new turnkey house and land packages, click here.