Meet Greg - Kings Central’s Social Sustainability Manager

Meet Greg Belle – one of the smiling faces that future Kings Central residents will come to know and love as the neighbourhood comes to life.


A thriving neighbourhood is much more than just a group of houses. It’s a place where people connect with their neighbours and feel like they’re part of an inclusive, welcoming community. 

In most instances, this sense of community and belonging doesn’t happen overnight or by chance – it takes a special person to organise events and activations that bring residents together to form deep, lifelong connections.   

For Kings Central residents, that person is Greg Belle – one of Lendlease’s Social Sustainability Managers.  

Greg’s passion for people and communities stems from his background in recruitment and employment advisory.  

“I’ve been with Lendlease for two years now, starting out in the Skilling & Employment Centre which is linked to our Jordan Springs project,” Greg said. “I worked with our community to find employment, helping them upskill or just getting them get a foot in the door to be able to change careers. With that role came helping disadvantaged people find food hampers or other services within that area… our aim was to stimulate economic prosperity for the people we’re building communities for.”  

This role and its connection with community equipped him with the know-how to become the Social Sustainability Manager for Lendlease’s Kings Central and Jordan Springs communities. With a passion for seeing people succeed and belong, Greg has hit the ground running – organising things such as events, community grants and newsletters that help to bring residents closer together. 

“We’ve had our first Visit Your Lot event which had about 500 people show up… residents were showing their families, they brought down their uncles and aunties and set up picnics on their block of land and took photos with their sold stickers,” Greg said. 

“At Kings Central, we’re excited to be setting up a few community events to really help everyone connect and feel like they’re part of a family... so we’re going to be setting up a Meet Your Neighbour event, we’re going to align that with the opening of the new park which will be early next year, so that’s pretty exciting, we’re happy to see that coming along.” 

While the Kings Central neighbourhood is in its infancy days, Greg has grand visions for how the community will be shaped once construction is complete. 

“I’d love to see Kings Central set up as a self-sufficient neighbourhood where residents are able to look out for each other and create a sense of community, see their children grow up together and connect with their neighbours on a level that’s more than just a wave as they pass by – I want them to have a deeper relationship,” Greg said. 

As the neighbourhood’s social sustainability manager, Greg is responsible for fostering a community that allows people to not only feel safe, but that they belong too.  

“The ideal is that you move into your dream home, make friends, feel settled and are able to put your roots down for the future,” Greg added. 

If you’ve got a community event, activation, or suggestion, get in touch with Greg by emailing