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Thinking of buying a Lendlease ‘Turnkey Home’?

Lendlease offers a choice of new home options, with ‘Turnkey Home and Land’ packages particularly popular among first home buyers, downsizers and investors.

So what does ‘Turnkey’ mean?

When you’re looking for a new home – especially that first one – you’ll come across a lot of ‘Real Estate Speak’.  Thankfully in this instance, ‘Turnkey’ means exactly what it says! Everything you need to start living in comfort and style in your brand new, beautifully-designed Lendlease home is in place and ready to enjoy from the moment you turn the key in the front door and walk inside for the very first time.

As you approach your perfect new home…

Externally, all the fencing, landscaping, letterboxes etc. will be in place, the façade will be as you requested and the first approach to your new home will take your breath away. (And this is what your visitors will experience when they come round, too.)

And then you Turn the Key…

All the paintwork, flooring and top-quality inclusions will be as you ordered and where it belongs. The lighting, plumbing, utilities etc. will all be in place and working perfectly. Your new life is ready to begin – at the turn of a key.

No need for renovations or trips to Bunnings!

You’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that everything is ready for you to move your furniture and personal belongings in and start your next chapter, without worrying about a thing.

Why people love a Turnkey Home.

The convenience, simplicity and hassle-free nature of Turnkey Homes is why they appeal to first-time buyers, people moving from larger, older family homes or those seeking to turn a profit as quickly as possible on their investment.

Making home buying easier 

Our partners, Eden Brae Homes and Creations Homes, and Lendlease have created a simplified way to choose and buy your dream home, so that you can experience the prospect of turning the key to your new, ready-to-love new life as quickly and smoothly as possible.

Interested in a Lendlease Turnkey Home?

Contact one of our friendly team today and we’ll be delighted to help.