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Life’s great when friends and family are close by, that’s why we love rewarding you for referring your nearest and dearest to Kings Central.


Here’s how it works ... 

When you refer someone to Kings Central, you both receive a $2,500 Visa gift card when they settle on their block of land. All it takes is 3 easy steps to refer your friend or family:


Step 1: Find some friends or family members who haven’t started their homebuilding journey

Do you have some friends who are thinking about building, but are yet to make the move? Ask them if you can put their name forward to the Kings Central Customer Service Team..


Step 2: Enter friends’ details

Enter your friends or family member details into our referral form and submit to the Kings Central Customer Service Team ([email protected]).


Step 3: We’ll do the rest  

If your friend signs a sales contract at Kings Central, you’ll qualify*.

Start referring now!


*Terms and conditions apply.