Southern Boundary Lots

This website will provide you with updates to keep you informed on the construction progress of your lot, including information on where your lot is at in the construction process and details of work currently underway. We will be updating this page over the coming weeks as your lot progresses through the subdivision process.

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What is happening to my lot now?

Stage 24 Image

Stage 24

Land Registry Service Assessment

At this stage Land Registry Services (LRS) commence their assessment of the documents lodged by Lendlease before finalising registration of the lots.

What comes next?


Stage 25
Lots Registered

Once all the assessment is completed and is correct, the Land Registry Services (LRS) formalise the registration of the lots by registering the Deposited Plan and the Section 88b instrument. At this point, LRS also commence the creation of the Certificate of titles for your individual lots.



Stage 26

Congratulations! The stage you’ve been waiting for has arrived. Purchasers will be notified by Lendlease’s solicitor once the lots are registered and will allow the settlement process to proceed under the terms set out in your land sales contract. Once settlement occurs, you become the proud new owner of a piece of Sydney to build your dream home.

The Full Process Image

The Full Process

See the full process we go through to get your lot ready, from lodging applications with Council through to settlement of your lot to when you can start to build your new home. See where your lot is in the process and what is yet to come.