Meet Nancy – the singing Sales Consultant!

If you purchased a house and land package at Jordan Springs between 2010 and 2014, you might remember Nancy Messina – our very own ‘singing Sales Consultant’.

For many Jordan Springs residents, the smiling face of Nancy Messina is all too familiar.

Employed as the first Sales Consultant at Jordan Springs, Nancy helped countless families find their dream house and land package at a time when the community was still coming to life.

While real estate was her forte, it was her passion for singing and poetry that has remained in the minds of many Jordan Springs residents.

“Writing poetry and lyrics to songs has always been a private dream of mine,” Nancy said.

“If I see positivity and goodness in people or situations, I become creative and want to write a poem about it. I was overwhelmed with the creation of Jordan Springs so I was inspired to write poems... it allowed me to visualise the ‘completed’ community by our very talented Lendlease planners.”

As new villages were developed, Nancy marked the occasion by writing a song or poem and sharing it with buyers and residents – just like the one below:

An excerpt of ‘It’s a New Beginning at Jordan Springs’ by Nancy Messina

Welcome to Jordan Springs,
brand new place of your dreams.

It’s a new beginning!

Jog, skip, ride your bike,
do the things that you like.

It’s a new beginning!

Nancy worked in the Jordan Springs sales office for four years until 2014. When she left her Sales Consultant position to open a real estate agency, she gifted over 2,000 residents with a booklet of memories and poems she had created during her time in the Sales and Information Centre.

She says that some of her favourite moments include working with the various builders, seeing the display village come to life and of course, helping people find their dream home.

“My favourite element of Jordan Springs was definitely the unique planning of the different villages,” Nancy said. “However, for me, the heart of Jordan Springs is the lake, shopping centre and where the Sales and Information office is. It provides a relaxing environment and a real sense of belonging to a beautiful community.”

It’s almost been ten years since Nancy left her position as a Jordan Springs Sales Consultant, but one thing that remains is her passion and fondness for the community.

“I will always have Jordan Springs in my heart,” Nancy said.

 “The creation and introduction of Jordan Springs to the Penrith and adjoining community back in 2010 is one of the most joyous and happy journeys of my life. I will always cherish the memories created with the residents and population of Jordan Springs!”

Nancy still lives near the Jordan Springs community and visits regularly to catch up with the many friends she made during her Sales Consultant days. She also still wears the t-shirt Lendlease gave to purchasers of land from that period – an item she says she will “cherish forever”.

In her retirement, Nancy still enjoys writing songs and poems – and has even published her very own book in English and Italian. You can purchase “A Migrant’s Story”, which includes the various Jordan Springs poems and story she’s written from Amazon and the Author Academy Bookstore.

Head over to the Jordan Springs Facebook page and find our latest post about Nancy to share your memories of her time as the community’s Sales Consultant!