Fighting like a girl in the name of breast cancer research and awareness

Breast cancer is the second most commonly diagnosed cancer in Australia, with 57 Australians diagnosed daily.

Jordan Springs local, Tannith Carson, received the lifechanging news in August that she would be one of the 20,000 Australians diagnosed with breast cancer this year.

While trying to process the thought of having cancer, she was asked the same question many others receive in the wake of a diagnosis - ‘what can we do to help?’.

“My diagnosis was a complete shock and whilst I intend to ‘fight like a girl’, I also want to do whatever it takes to raise awareness and funds into research,” said Tannith.

“I saw that Breast Cancer Month was coming up and thought, why not host the Breast Cancer Brunch (a National Breast Cancer Foundation fundraiser) and try and raise as much money for research as we can. It’s because of these events that I can receive the treatment I am today.”

With the help of family and friends, Tannith organised and hosted a brunch at her house on the 22nd of October, welcoming over 50 guests into her home.

With an initial fundraising target of $1,000, Tannith smashed her goal and managed to raise over $6,000 for the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

This goal was made possible with not only the help of her family and friends, but from local businesses donating goods and services to a raffle she held on the day.

“I would like to thank everyone including Lendlease for all of the support,” said Tannith.

“I am in absolute shock at the generosity of people that have read my story online and are willing to donate towards the raffle, purchase tickets and also donate to my brunch.”

If you’d like to donate money to Tannith’s National Breast Cancer Foundation fundraiser, visit her host page here.