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Development Updates


Information provided below is correct as at 3rd September 2018.

Stage 1.2 DA lodged with Council

Lendlease is pleased to inform that strong progress continues for Gilead with the Development Application (DA) for the second subdivision (Stage 1.2) lodged for assessment by Campbelltown City Council. The application seeks approval for 139 residential lots and supplements the Stage 1 DA which is also under assessment by Council. Once the 472 lots currently under assessment are approved and available to market, Gilead will provide a range of housing choices with lots from 375 sqm – 500 sqm with varying frontages. The first sales releases is expected to be launched to the market in early 2019.

Gilead Local Voluntary Planning Agreement Approval

The Local Voluntary Planning Agreement (VPA) for Gilead has been executed, providing funding and delivery for the local infrastructure needed to support the Gilead community. The total value of infrastructure in the agreement is $56.2 million and will consist of the following:

  • Open Space ($29.9 million) - a range of active and passive spaces, including several local parks and a recreational facility with turf playing fields, synthetic cricket pitch, amenities building, picnic/BBQ shelter and play area.
  • Community Facilities ($2.3 million) - a multi-purpose community facility.
  • Road Network ($12.3 million) - works will include collector roads looping through the community to provide a route for bus services.
  • Stormwater Management ($11.7 million) - a water cycle management strategy to treat stormwater prior to discharge into the existing creek system, which will protect the local environment.

Biodiversity Certification Application Approval

The Biodiversity Certification Application (BCA) protects significant vegetation on-site and offsets other vegetation impacts within the development site. As part of the Gilead application, 23 hectares of bushland will be rehabilitated and protected.

The BCA is currently under assessment by the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage for their determination, expected in late 2018.

Aboriginal heritage Investigations have begun

Lendlease began Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit (AHIP) activities at the Gilead site on Wednesday 18 July 2018. An AHIP is the statutory approval that the NSW Office of Environment and Heritage (OEH) issued under sections 87 and/or 90 of the National Parks and Wildlife Act 1974 (NPW Act).

This work will involve hand-dug test excavations on-site, carried out by local Registered Aboriginal Parties (RAPs) and archaeologists and will take approximately 10-16 weeks to complete, pending weather and site conditions.

These excavations are being undertaken to identify areas of potential significance that are part of the Aboriginal Heritage report and approval. Works form part of the development application process to gain the statutory approvals including an AHIP. Other approvals are required before construction can begin.

This work is not the commencement of construction on-site. No development of the Gilead community is occurring on-site.

For further information, you can contact the Gilead Information Centre on 1300 144 532.