Stage 1 Street Names in Figtree Hill Revealed

Whether you’ve purchased on Dallas Drive or Sunvale Street, you'll be delighted to know there is history and meaning behind the name of your future address at Figtree Hill!

Street names within Stage 1 of the community acknowledge the local farming history, while respecting the Indigenous culture and language of the Dharawal people. 

Below are the first 15 streets at Figtree Hill:
•    Muru Balawarri Avenue
•    Bushel Approach
•    Ellison Street
•    Sunvale Street
•    Frampton Drive 
•    Glen Lorne Circuit
•    Harvester Street 
•    Rye Street
•    Bunyip Avenue 
•    Dallas Drive 
•    Ambrose Avenue 
•    Bellaroi Parade 
•    Sunbrook Avenue
•    Zulu Street
•    Kiora Street

Respecting and embracing First Nations culture

Working closely with the local First Nations community, Figtree Hill acknowledges the area’s cultural history by featuring Dharawal language in the naming of the entry road Muru Balawarri Avenue, which means “pathway to hill”. The use of Dharawal language is part of Lendlease's commitment to embrace traditional languages, as we recognise the connection that language has to self-identity and belonging.

Telling the story of a rich farming history

A number of the streets in the community have been named after wheat varieties, to recognise the site’s farming history dating back to 1812. During the colonisation of Australia by the Europeans, wheat was planted in the freshly tilled earth to feed the colony, water was captured and funnelled into dams, and a homestead and estate were built to house generations of industrious Australians who chose to make the area their home and livelihood. 

The Gilead Estate was significant for its contribution to the establishment of wheat farming in the Campbelltown district.

Honouring a heritage homestead icon

You may also recognise one of the streets has been named after an iconic former heritage homestead of the region! The Glen Lorne homestead was built on 300 acres of land on the eastern side of Appin Road, opposite Noorumba Reserve, in the early 1802s. The homestead and surrounding gardens were admired by Campbelltown residents for many years. Sold in 1936 to George Allen Mansfield and his wife Lorne, after whom the homestead was named, the house was famously used to film the iconic movie The Flying Doctor, starring US film star Charles Farrell. 

While the homestead was destroyed by fire in 1981, the ruins remain and are located within a conservation area.

Glen Lorne Cricket Match 1881, Campbelltown and Airds Historical Society

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