Sustainable Living

We believe in creating places where communities thrive for generations to come, and at Figtree Hill, this means putting sustainability first.

Ready for your renewable future

Figtree Hill will be Lendlease’s first all-electric community in NSW, enabling it to be run on 100 per cent renewable power. Renewable power is carbon neutral, which means the whole community is net zero ready.

Designed for the climate, now and into the future

As our climate grows hotter and weather patterns change, it’s even more important to make our communities climate-resilient.

  • More trees will be planted throughout Figtree Hill enriching the natural bushland setting and shade cover to create a cooler community.
  • Lighter coloured roofs across the community will help to reduce urban heat and energy costs for new homes.
  • Permeable paving trials and water sensitive design of landscaping and streetscapes will also cool street temperatures, as well as supporting quality and controlled storm water run-off.


A vibrant affordable lifestyle

The balance between sustainability, affordability, and long-term wellbeing are defining features of Figtree Hill.

  • Smarter home designs are encouraged to reduce ongoing living costs and improve health and wellbeing, as well as helping the planet.
  • You can also take advantage of a $10,000* rebate which will assist you to install smart, all-electric services and equipment when building your new home.
  • For more tips on what you can do to build a more efficient and sustainable home our Build Smart videos outline five ideas.


A focus on sustainability and conservation

With a focus on sustainability and conservation Figtree Hill will have an abundance of open space, including parks, bushland and wetlands. A recent article on the project and the planned second stage takes a look at some of these key features. Read more here.