Seven steps to your new home at Figtree Hill

We know that buying a home is one of the biggest – and most exciting! – decisions you’ll make, especially the first time. So, here’s a step-by-step guide to the sort of choices you’ll need to make, and what happens next.

Step 1

Choose your block

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Step 1 - Choose your block

Once you have chosen your preferred lot at Figtree Hill, Lendlease will prepare a Land Sales Contract. This process may vary depending on which home option you are buying. Please refer to instructions provided at the time of the release.

Step 2

Pay your deposit and sign your contract

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Step 2 - Pay your deposit and sign your contract

To secure your home, you will be required to pay your initial holding deposit. We will then arrange a time to sign your Land Sales Contract with a 10 business day cooling-off period. This will provide your solicitor or conveyancer time to review the contract.

Step 3

Pay the balance of your deposit and sign your contract

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Step 3 - Pay the balance of your deposit and sign your contract

The balance of your 10% deposit will be due by the end of your cooling off-period. If you decide not to proceed with your purchase, you will forfeit 0.25% of the purchase price. Keep in mind there are fees involved in buying a house, including government stamp duty, property searches, legal fees, mortgage insurance and loan application fees.

Step 4

Design of your new home can begin

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Step 4 - Design of your new home can begin

Our recommended builder partners have been carefully selected for their quality reputation, and their willingness to taking you through the details. Once you’ve chosen your home design, your builder will help you select a floor plan and discuss any upgrades you might need to suit your lot at Figtree Hill. At this time, your home design will need to be approved by Lendlease's Design Panel, and then the Council or as a complying development. Your builder will give you a building contract, and you will need to pay a percentage of the build price as a deposit, which varies from builder to builder. Prior to signing, be sure to take notice of the holding time frame of the build price.

Step 5

Land registration and settlement

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Step 5 - Land registration and settlement

Most of the land at Figtree Hill is sold ‘off the plan’ as unregistered, which means you are securing your block before it is built on and serviced. Once your land is ready to be built on, we will register your individual lot with the government. Your solicitor or conveyancer will be notified once the land is registered. Settlement will typically occur 21 days from registration.

Step 6

Building your dream home

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Step 6 - Building your dream home

Now that you own your block of land and your builder can start work, you will typically start paying progress payments to your builder. Progress payments are made at various stages of construction – from putting down the slab and erecting the frame, to lock-up and interior completion. Your builder will invoice you at the completion of each stage and your lender or broker can help you arrange these payments.

Step 7

Moving-in day!

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Step 7 - Moving-in day!

Congratulations! Your new home is now ready – it’s time to pick up the keys from your builder, move in and celebrate! Meet your neighbours at a welcome event, join a community group and start enjoying life at Figtree Hill.

Contact our friendly team today if you have any questions and we’ll be delighted to help. The Home Building Academy by Lendlease also offers expert guidance, tips and information about home building and buying to help you live well and get the most from community life. 

This information has been prepared by Lendlease Communities (Figtree Hill) Pty Limited (Lendlease). It is a guide only and is subject to the terms of any sale and/or building contract. It does not constitute legal, financial or technical advice. Specialist advice should be taken in relation to specific circumstances of intending purchasers. Intending purchasers are advised to seek their own independent advice and should make their own enquiries. Changes may be made without notice to the whole or any part of the buying process.