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Meet the Team - Alison Ora

Alison is our Social Sustainability Manager, and has an extensive background in community development and engagement. We spoke with Alison about all things community, her new role, and what she believes makes Calderwood Valley a great place to call home.

What is your background and industry experience?
Alison: I have spent the last 15 years working in the Community Services sector across government and non-government organisations, specialising in housing and homelessness services and strategic partnerships.

Starting in May this year, Lendlease is my first corporate role and it’s been an exciting opportunity to use my skills in stakeholder management, community development, and strategic partnerships and apply them to large-scale community projects like Calderwood Valley.

What are you most looking forward to about working in the community?
Alison: Influencing a masterplanned community in the early stages through to delivering social outcomes, in partnership with the community to support thriving and opportunity-filled neighbourhoods, is a rare and privileged opportunity.

Doing it with the support of Lendlease and our ambitious sustainability and social value targets, and motivated project teams, makes it even more satisfying to be a part of.

What does social sustainability mean to you?
If our development team create a beautiful community to live in, social sustainability creates the feeling of Community to compliment it. It is my responsibility to activate the beautiful parks, connect residents, and promote safe and engaged communities.

If beautiful spaces and homes are what drives people choose to buy land in Calderwood Valley, I like to think that the feeling of Community is why you encourage your friends and family to do the same.

Why is social sustainability in a community so important? 
Calderwood Valley is filled with people and families, young and old, and it’s important that everyone is provided an opportunity to feel connection and belonging here. What social sustainability aims to do is to understand and support the needs and wants of our residents and facilitate responsive engagement opportunities with us, with others, and with business, to ensure that all residents can confidently call Calderwood Valley ‘home’.

We want you to be inspired to join the local craft or music club at the Sprout Hub, to host your children’s birthdays at the local park, to join us for holiday fun and movie nights with your neighbours, and to follow the Calderwood Valley Facebook page and share with us your ideas for your community.

What kind of social sustainability initiatives can Calderwood Valley residents look forward to?
We've just hosted an exciting Christmas Movie night which was great for all ages, with free food, entertainment, and a lot of fun! We also have more coming up such as visit your lot events and a public art opening.

What do you think makes Calderwood Valley a great place to be?
Calderwood Valley is beautiful from the outside in, and it’s so great to come down on a weekend and see the parks full of children, the morning walkers, and the lunchtime laughs at the Tavern. Calderwood Valley is full of life and potential, and it is only going to get better!

You may see Alison at local events and activities, so be sure to say hello and ask her any questions you may have about what’s on for residents in Calderwood Valley. We’re thrilled to have Alison join the Lendlease team and help bring our community to life!

To keep up with what’s on in the community at Calderwood Valley, follow us on Facebook.