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Empowering and strengthening our local business community

At Calderwood Valley, we believe that whether you're a novice or experienced business owner, it's crucial to prioritise upskilling and networking with peers to foster your business's growth. That's why we organised our inaugural small business workshop at the Sprout Hub, dedicated to supporting the success of our local businesses.

The event was held in partnership with Services NSW for Businesses and was designed to bring our local small business owners together and equip them with tools to upskill and strengthen their businesses.

Over the course of the evening, attendees gained practical insights, learned about support tools available to them and developed business skills to be better equipped to adapt to changes in the ever-evolving business environment. For those at the beginning of their small business journey, the workshop was also packed with essential tips and tricks to best set these eager entrepreneurs up for success. It was wonderful to see a group of engaged business owners from our community at the workshop.  

If you’re a new small business owner, or are looking to strengthen your existing business model, Service NSW for Business provides free, ongoing and personalised support for every stage of your business. Here’s a few of the support opportunities you’ll have access to when you register your business with Service NSW for Business:

  • Business concierge - a service that provides guidance and advocacy with applications for licensing, mental health support, disaster recover support, resources and financial support.
  • The Aboriginal Business Advisory Initiative – to assist with the cultural needs of both Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander business owners.
  • Support for women in business – to assist women starting, running or growing their business through access to funding, education, networks, programs and services.
  • Mental health support - Businesses with less than 200 employees or not-for profit organisations can access free mental health training, up to 4 hours of one-on-one coaching and a guide to improving mental health and wellbeing in the workplace.
  • ID support - available to assist businesses that have experienced a data breach, provide advice to customers on compromised identification document and offer counselling services.
  • NSW Seniors Card discounts – with the NSW Seniors Card program, your business will be promoted to over 9 million seniors by offering product and service discounts to new and existing customers.
  • WHS support – SafeWork offer a $1000 small business rebate towards the cost of workplace health and safety items.

Free TAFE courses on NSW Government tendering for registered small businesses.

To find out more about Service NSW for Business support and initiatives, visit https://www.service.nsw.gov.au/business

If you’d like to see more of these useful workshops at the Sprout Hub, please email CalderwoodValley.Communities@lendlease.com.